A team approach to Software Quality Assurance

A team approach to Software Quality Assurance

Quality runs deeper than most people imagine

When someone uses the term "quality" in reference to software, what do you think they mean? Users may say it is what they subjectively experience when using an application. But to get to that experience, real software quality must be proven. Real quality is when an application executes stated requirements based upon specified expectations. Or, to put it another way: Quality is an objective demonstration of features and functions that trace back to application requirements within specific use case environments. The key word is "objective."

Quality happens before everything else

Entellic® believes that quality begins with a plan; a stated description of what must happen to assure that any application will succeed before being put into production.

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Every plan must produce a process or procedure that explains how to achieve it's objectives. Each step in the plan's procedure will identify the roles necessary to accomplish quality assurance tasks.

At the end of the process, a document incorporates the actual outcomes of each process step.

Quality is traceable, objective, and attainable

To assure quality, Entellic incorporates tools to trace every stated requirement into the design of the application, proven by a test plan. Every test within that plan prescribes an expected outcome to demonstrate how the design of the application meets the stated requirement.

To assure objectivity, software testers must possess subject matter expertise to understand actual test results. When testing, the testers must document their results using screenshots, outside calculations, comparisons, and any other means that proves the outcome either succeeded or failed to meet the requirement.

Our clients in highly regulated environments already realize these truths because they are mandated to demonstrate quality. But, they also know SQA programs and tasks may require expertise and extra work. That's where Entellic can step in.

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DOE Contractors: Does your software QA program comply with DOE O 414.1D?

We can help with the following services:

  • Assessment of SQA plans and programs
  • Development of SQA plans, procedures, and programs
  • SQA program implementation
  • SQA training
  • Remote augmentation of SQA staff
  • Powerful online tools to support and document SQA

Make us a part of your SQA team

Entellic offers the tools and experience to help your team achieve Software Quality Assurance.

Apply software knowledge to QA

SQA is all-encompassing

DOE O 414.1D refers to a variety of references that contractors must understand to properly implement SQA plans and procedures. Reverences include:

  • 10 CFR 830, Subpart A, Quality Assurance Requirements
  • U.S. Department of Energy Order, DOE O 414.1D, Quality Assurance
  • U.S. Department of Energy Guide, DOE G 414.1-4, Safety Software Guide
  • ASME NQA-1-2008, Subpart 2.7, Quality Assurance Requirements for Computer Software for Nuclear Facility Applications
  • ASME NQA-1-2008, Subpart 4.1, Application Appendix – Guide on Quality Assurance Requirements for Software

Entellic can help you map out the mandates from these references and orders to help your organization comply. We'll help you develop SQA plans and procedures to achieve software management from its procurement through its retirement. You'll be able to properly grade software to determine its proper level of rigor and control.

We'll help you implement procedures to help you properly document requirements, design, and test plans. These plans and procedures will help your staff determine the adequacy of SQA documents to trace each requirement through to the test results.

Helping QA handle software responsibilities

Your QA department has a large volume of responsibilities that require a variety of knowledge pools. Software Quality Assurance adds a burden of new tasks, and may stretch existing skill sets.

Entellic can help. We can handle any or all tasks relating to SQA. If your SQA plans and procedures stress your QA staff, we'll take off the pressure.

Assign SQA tasks to specific roles

Executing SQA requires numerous roles, each one assigned to people with different skills or knowledge. Oftentimes, assigning SQA tasks to someone outside an organization results in greater capability, objectivity, or efficiency.

That's where Entellic can help. We'll provide services to support any or all SQA functions. We'll help you be in full control of SQA while moving the process forward in a timely fashion.

SQA roles that Entellic can support:

  • Software Configuration Management
  • Software Categorization and Grading
  • Communication of Requirements
  • Software Design Determination
  • Test Case Development
  • Regression Test Development
  • Independent Validation and Verification
  • V&V Review and Acceptance
  • SQA Documentation

Get the right tools for the job

Entellic has developed online tools to implement your SQA process. RemoteSQA™ is a web-based system that provides comprehensive capabilities to categorize and grade software. It can help your users develop requirements, document design criteria, and enter test results.

RemoteSQA provides complete transparency, enabling managers and administrators to know what's happening at any SQA step. If there is a bottleneck, you'll have enough information to do something about it.

You'll never need to locate multiple SQA records to understand the entire spectrum of SQA activities. Just open up a software item and drill down to see each step as it occurs and its supporting documentation including all embedded digital signatures for paperless records.

RemoteSQA can produce your managed software list in support of your cyber security procedures.

Contact Entellic for information about RemoteSQA.

RemoteSQA features

RemoteSQA enables control over each of the following tasks :

  • Software Categorization, Classification, and Grading
  • Software Requests (including work requests for custom software)
  • Software Requirements Development
  • Software Design Determination
  • Software Test Planning (including regression testing)
  • Software Validation and Verification Support (including attachment of evidence screenshots or electronic documents)
  • Software Problem Reporting
  • Software Acceptance
  • Software Retirement

Get results, today

Entellic exists to get results by workgroups. As consultants and developers of custom workgroup solutions, we support work teams by rapidly creating and implementing multi-user systems that get work done.

Many custom apps can be ready for use in less than 90 days.

Let us quickly ascertain your requirements to deploy your apps using the FileMaker® platform.

Build from systems like these:

  • Software Quality Assurance Systems
  • Site and Facility Rounds
  • Inventory Control
  • Chemical Inventory/MSDS Lookup
  • Facility/Site Access Control
  • Asset & Resource Management
  • Case Management
  • Personnel Qualification Management
  • Document Control & Records Management
  • Safety Equipment Inspection and Scheduling
  • Many more…

Let's talk

Contact Entellic, today. Find out how your workgroups can achieve real results with custom software solutions.

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