We focus on technologies and services essential to workgroup success.

From analysis through implementation, Entellic can tackle your most pressing operational challenges. We are one of the few consulting companies that can handle any or all aspects of a workgroup project, including:

Offline Processing/Data Integration

Many workgroup challenges result from a reliance upon centralized legacy-based systems that are inflexible in meeting workflow requirements. Workgroups realize they cannot wait for overworked IT staffs to come up with custom solutions for small user groups. So, Redundant data extraction and cobbled individual workarounds are the result.

It doesn't need to be this way.

Entellic relies upon today's workgroup software to extract and manage data offline. We can analyze the queries and output from legacy systems and create multi-user database systems, allowing people to carry out work efficiently. Now you can manage legacy data without impacting centralized systems and staff.

FileMaker® Software Development

Entellic excels at FileMaker® development for workgroups. FileMaker® is today's leading workgroup relational database management system (RDMS) and can be used to streamline internal workflow processes at a reasonable cost.

FileMaker employs today's standards, including XML, SQL, and Web technologies while providing a rapid-development environment.

Electronic Payment Processing

Entellic bridges the gap between electronic services and receiving payments for those services. As account consultants for NxGen Payment Services, Entellic personnel can provide not only competitive merchant processing rates, but we deliver technology to automate processing.

Ask us about Cirfin™, today's most robust Web-based transaction system. Cirfin provides both hardware and software solutions to ACH, Check21, and Credit Card processing. Entellic can integrate Cirfin into your workflow, regardless of whether you rely on the Web, telephone, or face-to-face payments.

Barcode and RFID Scanner Integration

Entellic installs, programs and integrates Barcode and RFID scanners. Using applications such as MCL-Designer® and hardware from Symbol Technologies®, your organization can speed up entry processes while reducing errors.

Pasted Graphic
Custom programming allows organizations to control data collection processes and provide live or batch updating to primary information systems.

Scanners range from simple, cabled, point-of-collection terminals to comprehensive PDA devices. Industrial floor operations can be achieved using reinforced, wireless devices that can withstand harsh environments.

Whatever the challenge, Entellic is ready to find ways to help you leverage the advantage of data collection using scanning devices.

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Workflow Enhancement

A human-centric workflow is the core of developing a solid workgroup experience. Call on Entellic to assess and document your workflow. Reduce the internal politics by commissioning one of our competent, experienced workflow specialists to report and recommend changes that lead to a more productive, enriching environment.

Technical Project Management

When it comes to getting a technology project from idea to completion, certain project management skillsets make the difference.

Entellic's staff includes certified project managers to meet your needs. We can provide remote project management reporting tools and ongoing oversight to assure positive results.

Digital Media Creation

Digital communication requires a visual environment that directs people to action. Entellic can provide the video and animation services for your presentations, advertisements, Websites, and training programs.

Documentation, Training and Support

Documentation and training maximizes the usage of any system. That's why Entellic provides complete documentation services, ranging from requirements, system design, user manuals, and implementation guides.

We provide small-group training sessions delivered onsite or online.

In most cases, Entellic can provide low-cost "rollover" support plans for workgroup systems. A rollover support plan allows organizations to use unused hours from one month for services in the following month.

Ultimately, every Entellic service is designed to empower people to do their jobs faster and better than ever. Thus, our motto: "human-centric solutions." Increased efficiency leads to greater productivity and frees up the resources you need to accomplish your mission.