Our people are driven to make
technology work for your people.
From Entellic's origin, our purpose has never changed: We strive to inspire ordinary people to do great things. Yet, achieving such a goal doesn't happen simply by possessing lofty ideals. Deep, foundational beliefs drive our people into action. Success requires good people driven by the right ideas.

Even selecting the right
technology and tools is important, but not the full answer. Every tool requires a person behind it...someone with a commitment and ability to make the software do what a client needs.

Every employee, director and associate demonstrates this attitude and provides special capabilities. Please take some time to meet some of our people now:

Dan Wilton

A legacy of result-driven leadership.
Dan Wilton
Affecting change requires a special kind of leadership. For nearly three decades, Dan Wilton earned a reputation as a change agent, rapidly pioneering strategic new initiatives in corporate enterprises.

Dan led the transformation of national work teams within organizations ranging from Fortune 50 companies to startups. Among others, Dan's previous positions include First Vice President for National Funds Transfer for Washington Mutual Bank and Vice President and Manager for Technology Solutions at Bank of America/SeaFirst.

Entellic clients benefit from Dan's expertise in several key areas, including:
  • Operations Leadership Consulting
  • Process Automation (Reengineering)
  • Payment Technologies/Product Management (Mobile, ACH, SWIFT, Wire Transfer)
  • International Remittances and Foreign Exchange
  • Letters of Credit/Foreign Collections
  • Branch Banking and Teller Systems
  • Merger/Acquisition Integration
  • Technology Integration
  • Software and Database Design
Behind the scenes, you can find Dan leveraging his love for film and video to present concepts and ideas. His passion for motion pictures empowers workgroups to visualize and embrace change.

Duane Wilton

An attitude of service; a history of results.


Prior to starting Entellic Corporation with his brothers, Duane Wilton delivered results in the printing and publishing industry. As Vice President of Color Press Publishing, he helped the organization move into the top ten percent of full-service printing companies in the Pacific Northwest. At Coffey Communications, a national health care publishing company, Mr. Wilton served as Director of New Media, envisioning the organization's Web publishing division.

All during his years in printing and publishing, Mr. Wilton crafted databases and other technologies to manage and administer workgroups.

In 1999, Mr. Wilton joined his brothers to start Entellic Corporation. From the moment of its inception, Entellic began solving problems with technology. Mr. Wilton designed Case Management systems, wholesale manufacturing inventory systems, and training management systems. As Entellic's reputation grew, Mr. Wilton was called upon to create workgroup systems for Department of Energy subcontractors.

At each stage of Entellic's development, Mr. Wilton remains true to his core values, grounded in his Christian faith. He believes that the best way to get results for customers is to truly serve them. That means that he carefully listens to clients, honestly advises them and exercises considerate judgement when carrying out their projects. It's this type of philosophy and professional experience that gets results.

Dale Wilton

The art of organizational control.

Dale Wilton is a founder and Controller of Entellic corporation, administering finances for the organization. He was previously owner and principal of 5th Generation Construction, a startup company he founded in 1990 for which he provided overall management for 10 profitable years.

Dale is experienced in providing direction and management of vendors, employees, subcontractors, and customer service. His operations experience further extends to bidding and budgeting, project scheduling and tracking, procurement, and payables/receivables.

Dale takes great pleasure in originating a rough vision and transforming it into reality, paying special attention to the smallest details that separate the excellent from the average.

Nathaniel Hein

A commitment to problem solving.

For nearly a quarter-century, Nathaniel Hein provided effective leadership in logistics, operations management and technology. Nathaniel's work history demonstrates a true commitment to customer service and team development in highly technical environments.

As a consultant for UNISYS Corporation, Nathaniel served the Bonneville Power Administration as Senior Data Center Analyst. Prior to this role, Nathaniel served TEK Systems, in Beaverton, Oregon, as Director of Data Center Operations and Systems Engineering. In his role there, he directed a team of contractors and consultants to successfully complete construction of a 40,000 square-foot high-tech facility.

Nathaniel's diverse education, ranging from Musical studies at a Christian College to Logistics Management in the Air Force, provides a solid foundation to real problem solving for Entellic Clients. That's why he is our "go-to guy" for unique problems such as programming barcoding scanners or tackling specialized vertical software packages. Nathaniel also supports clients with system/workflow analysis, database design, documentation, and training.

Jim Adamski

Master over high-level technology.

When it comes to mission-critical data projects and payment technologies, Jim Adamski knows how to make it pay for his clients.

Jim's 30-year experience includes development of banking and telecommunications data systems. Prior to Entellic, Jim's work for Cingular Wireless, using BEA WebLogic, Java, and Oracle, assured that dealers and distributors, worldwide, were consistently and accurately compensated. Before that role, Jim administered Oracle systems for the Environmental Protection Agency.

With such high level experience, Jim is an excellent analyst and developer, understanding how to make systems scalable and efficient.

Yet, beyond technology, Jim is a consultant for all forms of payment services. He knows how to navigate the labyrinth of payment processors and gateways to assure clients are getting the best value and service for their businesses. He can integrate payment technologies into point-of-sales systems, websites, and other online technologies.

When you call Jim to conquer your technology problem, be sure to ask him about two of his passions: His family and his golf swing.

Our Heritage

Entellic began in 1998 by four brothers. Entellic's president, Dan Wilton, built upon his 23-year career at Bank of America, where he most recently held the position as Vice President and Manager of the bank's Technology Solutions department (R&D for image technologies, rules-based processing, and electronic payment systems).

Together, Dan and his brothers, David, Dale and Duane, gathered specialists in the field of technology analysis, software development, and began work.

Immediate projects included wire transfer system analysis and implementation for one of the nation's fastest-growing banks. At the same time, Entellic pursued capital for development of new, exciting solutions named FilmStudio™, revolutionary, new software that would create movies simply by writing in common language. Following the stock market fallout of '99, Entellic focused completely on database design and creation for small businesses and colleges.

Today, Entellic's services include all aspects of multimedia and Web development, database design, and systems integration. We are workgroup and "change management" specialists, helping organizations to integrate workflow and technology for real results.

Entellic people are committed to helping other people do their jobs faster and better. Thus, our motto:
"human-centric solutions." Increased efficiency leads to greater productivity and frees up the resources you need to accomplish your mission.